A Non-Individualist Approach To Feminist Activism.

We are fighting against a belief – gender identity – which is part of a larger ideology – neoliberalism/individualism.

It is important that we focus on the social, on critiquing the ideological belief rather than individual believers. Good thinking is looking at systems of oppression. It is that kind of thinking that has allowed us to understand that “gender identity” is a belief rather than a reality. That gender is a system of oppression rather than an internal essence.

When it comes to activism, we need to critique the belief, not the believer.  Critique the system, critique the ideology it produces. Focus on the base as well as the superstructure. Telling individuals that their actions/beliefs are misogynistic isn’t helpful.

This is something I have to learn as well, I focus too much on telling individuals they are wrong. I intent to try harder to focus on the belief, not the believer.


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