What even is this blog?

This blog is not queer, this blog is not cis, this blog is not trans, this blog is by a LESBIAN and for LESBIANS. There will be no mention of fashion as “gender” expression, the heterosexual constructs “masculinity” and “femininity” are not relevant to LESBIANS and will not be used in this blog.

Will I use the terms BUTCH/FEMME?

Yes, but I do not mean them in a “gendered” sense as they are misused by queers. They will be used in their proper context with their proper meaning. They are LESBIAN terms and refer to LESBIANS only. What is a butch? What is a femme? Well, they are objective categories used to describe two lesbian types that fit together, like 2 connecting puzzle pieces, we just fit, and without the other, the terms become meaningless.

We are not masculine and feminine, we are not aping heterosexual relationships, we are not two different “genders”. None of these concepts make any sense to Lesbians. We do not perform masculinity or femininity, for these are heterosexual concepts, performances that straight people do to attract each other. Lesbians do not do this, we do not perform for the benefit of the opposite sex. In fact, we find ourselves doing the exact opposite, dressing and acting in ways that we hope will repel any interest from males. I try not to do this because I do not want to change my own behaviour to avoid men. I want to be free of those thoughts and feelings of disgust when a man looks at me. I try to ignore them.

So anyway, I’m a femme (obviously) and I will talk a bit about what that means. I don’t “identify” as femme anymore than I “identify” as female or as a lesbian. I just am. I don’t, and have never had, any choice in the matter, but I would not wish myself to be any other way. I am proud, fiercely so, and protective of all lesbians, but especially butches and femmes. Femmes are lions, we love and protect our own as if they were our cubs. We are passionate, we love with our whole being, and with every cell we are female, we are lesbian, and we are femme.


One thought on “What even is this blog?

  1. Thanks for the ‘follow’ LM – I’ve not been very active lately on my own blog but do hope I get back there before the elections heat up – even more than they are now!

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