Misogynistic, Lesbo-Hating Nonsense.

You know when you read something and you get so cranky you can’t contain the rage? That only happens when I read someone on the left who I either admire or previously admired, say or write something so ridiculous and misogynistic that it takes my breath away. Then I realise that a year ago I may have written or said something very similar. The anger then recedes and I just feel sad…. nope, still angry.

I’m still angry because it is so-called feminists in the media who write this shit – shit that came straight out of the academy and it’s love affair with “queer theory” – that had my thinking so screwed up. So I’m angry at the academy, I’m angry at pomo theorists, I’m angry at lazy feminism, I’m angry at wrong feminism, I’m angry at misogynistic lesbo-hating nonsense, and I’m angry at myself for taking so long to realise just how disgusting it all is.

Ironically, it took me one cultural studies subject, which I aced, to realise the problem, and the problem is not my mansplaining lecturer, but the women that influenced him, the women who wrote books denigrating their own sex. The so-called “lesbians” who embrace “queer” and write theories that are bastardised of foucault, the so-called “father of queer theory” who is really nothing of the sort.

Is it so wrong to see womanhood, femaleness, as being innately different to maleness? Is it so wrong to see lesbians as being innately different to straight women? To understand that neither womanhood nor lesbianism is a “chosen identity”, but that they are defining characteristics that make a lesbian woman who she is? I am not the sum of a social construct. Gendered roles exist as a socially constructed hierarchy, but that is not who we are. We are women because we were born female with xx chromosomes, we are lesbians because we are women who are homosexual. This is who we are, not a “performance of a construct”, but real living, breathing, sexual, loving, humans beings. We are not a sum of what society says we are, we do not deliberately “conform” or not to straight, gendered and sexual stereotypes. We be who we are, and that is lesbians with unique personalities fighting against a world that tells us that we must define ourselves by their rules, by their categorisations, and not by our own.




Millenia of oppression

One thing I have learned recently is that I am still very much a women’s historian at heart, and no amount of studying cultural theory will change the way in which I come at a problem/question/idea with the full force of historical analysis and the full awareness of Millenia of oppression. Once history is in your head, it is inescapable knowledge that will both haunt and enlighten. So – fuck identity politics, fuck gender-roles, fuck patriarchy, and fuck an academy ruled by political correctness rather than sense.

How to improve sexism in advertising? – Overturn Capitalism.

Today I depressed a class full of aspirational youth who want to make the world a better place by explaining to them that you can’t use advertising to fight sexism​.

I went on to explain that you make an industry whose very existence relies on the creation of desire and the fetishisation of commodities be nicer to women through the use of awareness campaigns. If you want less sexism in adds, the only answer is the death of capitalism. #inspiration

Greer on Xanthippe

“No historian has ever shown the slightest interest in what became of Xanthippe and her three small children after Socrates’ suicide. Such mundane matters are beneath the consideration of great men and their biographers. To protest that Socrates’ chosen martyrdom brought catastrophe on the four innocent people who depended on him would be merely womanish.”

Excerpt From: Greer, Germaine. “Shakespeare’s Wife.” McClelland & Stewart, 2008. iBooks.
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